Sunday, December 20, 2015

Dangerous wilderness programs used in custody cases

A custody case attracted national and international attention when Judge Gorcyca threw 3 children in juvenile detention because they didn't want to be with their father who they claim where abusive.

Now the story get even more bizarre. One of the children were sent to a wilderness program and the father hasn't been fully committed in working with the therapists the court appointed.

Wilderness programs are often private-run programs who you can hire to conduct so-called therapy based on what you are willing to pay for. It might not be in the best interest of the child because there are very little oversight into what kind of operation these wilderness programs run.

Secondly it is among the most deadly types of therapy you can expose minors to. Opposite adults the minors cannot leave the program and too often they cause the death of minors in them.

Just last year late 2014 a teenager froze to death in North Carolina.

Lately a girl had a close call when she became separated from her group in Tennessee. She was unable to walk out of the woods and ended up in hospital.

It is asking for a tragedy to happen accepting that this child to leave the home state in order to attend a wilderness program. How far will the justice system go putting these children at risk? It is not a question of judging whether the father or the mother is the best parent. It is a question whether the court orders the parents to use neutral therapist hired and paid by the court to work the case where the kids started to live instead of splitting them up and putting them at risk.

Divorce can be a testing period for everyone especially the children but the court should not make it more difficult by putting the children in jail or allowing them to be exposed to untested and dangerous therapy methods they will be emotional damaged by the rest of their lives.

Tsimhoni custody case deteriorates (Communities Digital News LLC)
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