Wednesday, January 7, 2015

They continue to find bodies (Dozier School for boys)

When they started to investigate the graves at the former reform school, they expected to locate around 30-40 children. Until now they have found the remains of 55. If the exact number of victims is ever known is hard to say. Fact is that there also were boys who were found dead outside the facility.

Children who might either have committed suicide due to the harsh condition or children who were murdered because they were considered criminals the society could not turn around.

Now where we now that some had interest in hiding matters, it is time to look at our own state. Could something similar happen here?

Yes, it could.

In Denmark everyone can search on "Godhavn", which was a terrible place before the early 1970's where the authorities quickly but discreetly retired the management and the employees to avoid a criminal investigation.

Everybody can read about "Skorpeskolen" a boarding school which had teachers doing improper personal activities with the boys. A teacher died in a car accident where the faulty brakes might have been worked on by some of the boys but the authorities didn't investigate because some knew that the truth could come out.

There are many more secrets but will we learn them? In Denmark the parliament has closed the door to the past. In Florida they have opened it. Denmark might learn something here. What about your state?

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