Monday, December 17, 2012

Milton Girls Juvenile Residential Facility should lose their license

A private-run youth prison called Milton Girls Juvenile Residential Facility is in the spotlight of the media due to a video showing an employee restraining a girl in a very violent way.

In fact had the restraint method used in this incident been used in several other states it would have been a banned method used. The employee placed her body on the top of the 15 year old. It is a move which could restraint the breath of the girl and in some cases it could have led to her death. Restraints are a huge killer in youth facilities and if you look at blogs covering deaths in residential treatment facilities, it is properly the most frequent cause of deaths.

But worse is the fact the facility did not report the incident as soon as possible. Also those who look at the video will notice that other employees don’t seem to care as if restraints of this nature are quite common in this facility.

Dealing with troubled teenager the most important lesson to learn them is to make their complaints verbally rather than physically. Once they are back on the streets there is no need to learn them that all conflicts are solved by the use of force.

Restraints have to be the very last option to solve a conflict.

So there is a reason to be very critical of the management of this facility. The license should be taken away from them. They are teaching these young people the wrong lesson and once released, we should be concern about how they use their experiences from this facility on the streets.

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