Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sweden has its problems of its own

We have been in contact with a small Non-govermental organization called "Minors in residential placement research center".

The organization was founded by officials working in public positions around Sweden. They prefer not to show their names.

Some Danes might remember the name Sofie Lohede. The Danish magazine called Ude & Hjemme did print her story some years ago.

It is a rather tragic story about a teenager from Sweden who did suffer from some emotional problems which led her family to reach out to the authorities for help. The so-called help they got was to send young Miss Lohede to a group home which practiced a special kind of supervision.

The older and more street-wise girls at the group home lured the then 14 year old girl out in town and there she was molested by a middel aged man.

Her family discovered that something was wrong and took her home. She confessed that she had been raped and had to testify against the man. Unfortunately she was so afraid of him that she did choose to end her life instead of confronting him in court. He was convicted to only 3 years based on evidence and a similar treatment of another girl.

The website also include a story of another girl and some legal articles.

They have promised to help us making people aware of the existense of the Academy at Sisters where we are involved in keeping a young girl from Hillsboro home and in freedom.

We will pray that we can enable our combined resources in the future.

Minors in residential placement research center
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