Saturday, July 19, 2014

Kidnapped for Christ has been shown on Showtime

This documentary was not meant to expose the school but it meant the end of New Horizons Youth Ministries, which had been operating what was basically an abusive program.

Escuela Caribe did for many years use corporal punishment, isolation, emotional abuse combined with hard labor to deal with the issues of the teenagers which counted normal teenage behavior like partying and consuming alcohol but also punishment of lesbian, gay, bisexual lifestyles.

During the filming the film crew became involved with the teenagers, their family and former students. As result the documentary exposed the cruel nature of the boarding school.

The media exposure created as result of this documentary meant the end to the company which had been involved in these activities since the 1970's.

Today another school management is using the campus trying to distance them from the former management. If they succeed and some actually return with a positive experience is yet to be answered.

The documentary can still be seen Showtime's on-demand services.

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