Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Kidnapped for Christ has a new homepage

We have learned that the documentary project called "Kidnapped for Christ" has launched a new homepage.

The project is about making a documentary about the new defunct boarding school located in the Dominican Republic named "Escuela Caribe".

For 30 years the boarding school operated using corporal punishment in the name of God to discipline teenagers for a lot of issues deemed wrong by their parents.

The center of the documentary is David a straight-A-student who had made the wrong choice of a partner according to his parents. For this alleged Crime he was banished to the boarding school.

However his friends didn't give up on him and the documentary follows their effort to get him free.

The project could use your help and I have to tell you that while this particular boarding school seem to have stopped their operations there are many boarding schools still out there operating in the same manner. Many of them are located on US soil in states like Missouri where the authorities don't care how minors are treated as long as it is done in the name of some God. Yes you did read it right. We are living in year 2012 and such methods are using on minors today.

The documentary could therefore be a difference and bring more attention to a serious problem affecting the next generation. So please support the documentary.

Kidnapped for Christ documentary homepage
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