Saturday, June 24, 2017

The Danish break-through fighting obesity among children requires that the child stay at home

Obesity among children has become a huge problem. It is now estimated that overweight is no longer a minority. At least 20 percent is overweight and 70 percent of these overweight children will become overweight once they become adult.

Something has to be done and thanksfully it has.

What is the solution then? Creating a massive number of group homes?

No. Children don't prepare their own food. The parents do. Children often don't do what their parents say. They do as their parents act.

So the cure of the solution is that the family needs a treatment plan. Not the child.

An expert group at Holbaek Hospital research and invented a method which has proven to be very successful. Back in 2014 they had treated 1,900 children with a successrate of 80 percent.

The question people often ask is whether the child has to take ownership and the answer is yes. The child has also to take ownership of the problem but it is not a problem because the body image modern marketing portray has never been father away from the body image you see on Danish streets.

The danish treatment model is simple:

  1. The child and the family goes through a number of interviews at the hospital
  2. Based on the interviews, the family and the hospital agrees on 15-20 changes in the daily routines. That is it!

The family agree to clean up their kitchen. Rules are given for each meal.

  • The breakfast for all members of the family has to consist of Rye bread and the meat the family put on top of it must maximum has a fat percent of 6. It could be chicken, turkey or fish alternatively Oatmeal, oatmeal, rugfras or mini-grass. No serial are a allowed - it must not even be in the home at all.
  • The Lunch must consist of 3-4 pieces of Rye Bread with similar kind of meat as the Breakfast.
  • No snacks in during afternoon. The child can repeat the breakfast
  • All plates are prepared in advance in the kitchen and served for each family member so each plate include a certain percentage is vegetables. If a second service is needs the rule is that 20 minutes must past. Almost every human experience a delay in the signals from the stomach which tells them when they are satiated. That is the reason for the delay. Again the second service has to be prepared in advance. Needless to say that these rules apply to all in the family. It is not the child who are treated. It is the family.
  • Drinks which includes sugar like soda or juice must maximum be enjoyed once per week and we are talking half a liter in total per week.
  • Candy is once per week and there is a limit based on age

But change in diet is often not enough. The family needs to look at their daily transport routines. In Danish the roads are safe for children. The children often bike to school from an early age (8-9 years old) when the distance is under 7 kilometers.

All Danish homework is computerized but using computer and television for recreational use is set to be 2 hours per day maximum and only after 17:00.

Finally the child has to choose a sport to attend based on the choice of the child. Often a number of sports has to be tried out, but the important part is that it is interest of the child which is the motivation. Of course it would help if a parent or sibling is actively either participating or supporting.

Is that not much responsability to place on the parents? Wasn't is easier to outsource this to a group home or an in-patient program?

No. It is the responsability of the parents to partipate. It comes with the territory of being a parent to show an example. As a parent you have to change your life as much as possible to make your child both healthy and successful.


Sunday, May 21, 2017

Who is watching the children at Diamond Ranch Academy - now there is one less

The website drasurvivors are now redirecting to the website of Diamond Ranch Academy which is a so-called residential treatment facility in Hurricane, Utah.

Drasurvivors contained the testimones of a number of former residents who were forced to play students at the facility.

Often children who had committed no crime but disapointing the expectations of their parents when it came to grades, choice of religion, choice of gender in relationships or choice of habits when partying.

Still they endured isolation from family and friends.

Still they endured punishments without access to legal representation.

Still they had no access to commnication which could allow them to access the authorities when they exposed to unjust treatment.

What the website drasurvivors gave them, were the chance to let the public learn of their torment.

It was important because two students never had the chance to tell anyone because they died while they were under the care of the facility.

A boy died from an illness. At least that is what we are supposed to accept base on a report from the local coronorer. It could be right but in cases like this a single report is not enough. Especially after the boot camp scandal in Florida where the papers didn't tell the truth because someone wanted to protect the local jobs at the boot camp.

A boy opted to take his own life rather than subject himself to the harsh treatment at the facility. It could have been prevented. An investigation into the suicide concluded this.

Some might claim that the authorities do supervise. That they do come to the facility and ask to speak with the student without monitoring. But do they listen? Are the local jobs not more important?

Then what about the social services from the communities all over the United States from where the students are sent? It doesn't happen. It really should because the welfare of the children at Diamond Ranch Academy should not be weighed against local jobs.

Something is really wrong at the facility because our contacts at Fornits reports an alarming number of deaths among the former residents at the facility.

We are really concerned because we already have two families who didn't get their son home alive. How many more should be put at risk before the social services all over the United States and United Kingdom who also have sent children to such facilities say stop to this child trafficing across state lines?

The children at Diamond Ranch Academy lost someone who could look after them with the hostile takeover of the drasurvivors website. Others need to take over or we will start counting dead bodies of children again.

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