Sunday, December 13, 2015

Carlbrook closes

Carlbrook School which was founded based on the twisted teachings of the CEDU-chain which closed due to threat of lawsuits in 2005 closed its doors this week. Now the students can return home a start to work to heal the emotional scar this line of teachings inflicted upon them. Some families didn't get their sons home. Forest Ferguson and Joshua Clay Inscoe are stilling missing. Ferguson left the school in 2010, Inscoe in 2012 and their families have still not heard from either of them.

If it was not for the students who got their emotional lives destroyed it could have been fun to research more into how the religious cult like praying of Synanon was developed into so-called therapy. The furniture reseller who founded CEDU was a long-time member of Synanon. It was persons from CEDU who took the initiative to found Carlbrook.

It is hard to understand why it took so many years to close Carlbrook. Why did parents continue to enroll their children at the school when the Internet is filled with testimonies from former students providing a picture of how Carlbrook messed their minds up? Did they trust educational consultants so much that they failed to investigate what the outcome could be?

Maybe. It is time to focus on the role educational consultants have in sending vulnerable teenagers to places where they are put in danger or exposed to methods which would hurt them disguised as therapy.

The fact is: Education consultants receive referral fees from the owners of the programs and school they refer students to. The extent of these referral fees are not known but they exist and various source place them in size almost as close to the amounts parents pay which make people question if the recommendations the educational consultants give are in the interest of the child or the interest of their pockets.

The troubled teen industry needs more overview. The flow of money between transport firms, residential programs and educational consultants is unclear. Some school districts have observed this and there are many cases all over the United States where parents sue the school districts based on the poor advice of private firms aiming at profit.

Money kept Carlbrook operational for too many years. It finally closed but there are still many places out there operating just like Carlbrook paying educational consultants money for referrals to their programs and schools.

Please help organizations like HEAL-online and similar in their work to close these programs down. Every voice makes a difference.

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