Thursday, November 28, 2013

Shackling of teenagers and mental patients widespread

Only months ago an Amber Alert were issued on teenagers being removed from a ranch in Arizona. The Department of Human Services had investigated the ranch for some time and suddenly the teenagers were gone. Fortunately the teenagers were returned to their parents after a couple of days.

Among the odd methods used at The Tierra Blanca Ranch were shackling of the teenagers. It was unfortunately not the only case where so-called treatment programs for at-risk teens have used shackles. A “school” in Florida today named Southeastern Military Academy also shackles the teenagers. A few years ago when the program was name Victory Forge Military Academy a boy ran away in shackles. The authorities investigated but decided that it was allowed to do that in Florida. Just remember that if you plan to move to Florida with your children or invest in businesses in that state.

The ranch in Arizona was shut down. The military school in Florida continues in operation ignoring orders to be licensed and audited and the authorities allow the facility to function without regulation. How the citizens in Florida accept that there are areas which could concern their children with functions so to say outside the law is not to understand.

Outside the United States the international headlines focuses on Indonesia. Religious homes seem to be the only option when it comes to treatment of teenagers and adults suffering from various mental issues. An article mentions the Islamic boarding school in Tulungagung, East Java. Another article mentions an escape attempt which ended with fatal results because some of the teenagers downed. It is also an Islamic boarding school however located in Ciamis, West Java.

Two cultures and two religions where the treatment offer for teenagers seem to be the same: Having your legs shackled!

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