Tuesday, September 20, 2011

CNN Report about your local faith based boarding school around the corner

For some parents the question of choosing a religious boarding school for their sons and daughters is to obvious that they overlook the possible warning signs that something is very wrong.

CNN Anderson Copper 360 reports about a branch of religious boarding schools in the United States which are built on the teachings of Lester Roloff who ran several boarding schools and shelthers in Texas until he died in the 1970s.

It was boarding schools where discipine was upheld with the paddle combined with isolation and forced prayers.

Once Roloff died in a plane crash several of his leading staff member left and created their own boarding school based on the same strategies and they continue to be in operation today.

The worst about this not that they try to exist as they see it as their mission the have to put their lives on the line for just as suicide bomber want to die for his God. What is actually worse is that a lot of states will not supervise these faith based boarding schools.

We are talking teenagers being imprisoned at these boarding schools and none want to do just a little to secure their well-being.

It shouldn't be so when we are talking 2011 but fact is that it is so.

It is shameful for any society to fail to protect the safety of children. We must all demand that we will not accept it.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Testimonies from a lot of students telling about abuse keep coming

Our Swedish partners over at Minors in residential placement research center told that more than 600 people did view their boarding school blog last month. Hopefully some of the viewers were parents so they will learn about signs of warning before they entrust their children to various programs or boarding schools.

So far 5 blogs have been made. They are:

If you have a comment or even your own testimony to give, please visit the blogs.
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