Sunday, November 30, 2014

Heartlight Ministries in the media again

Once again Heartlight Ministries is in the spotlight.

Back in 2009 people fought to get a 16 year old boy named Nathan released from the facility. While the facility is not a lockdown facility it is located in a remote area and escape is difficult.

Early 2013 two teenagers ran from the facility but they were returned soon after. A little research into Facebook shows that the girl was released not so long after, so maybe the emotional damage inflicted was so little that she has a chance to move on in life. The boy had to wear an orange jumpsuit just as in prison but is also back in MS again.

Now there is a new case and it is worrying.

The recent "Agnes of God" case from River View Christian Academy (formerly Julian Youth Academy) shows that restricted Christian boarding schools don't equip teenagers and young adults to the modern world. People end up getting hurt or emotional damaged so they cannot participate in the activities surrounding colleges and other educational institutions like universities.

When one of your families members are in dangerous of being sent away or has been sent please reach out and offer housing for the teenager involved. All too often the banishment is the result of an advice made by an educational consultant who lives of referral fees from the boarding schools and wilderness programs teenagers are sent to rather than the need of the teenager. Of course the parents desperate in need of help pay the educational consultant too but it is the referral fees which are the core of the consultants business.

Your reaching out can make the difference for a family member!

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