Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Diamond Ranch Academy against the free speech

We believe that former residents at any group home, therapeutic boarding school, boot camp, treatment center and wilderness programs have the right to speak out against their stay if they believe that they were treated in an unjust manner.

That is what a number of former students at Diamond Ranch Academy located near Hurricane in Utah have done.

Human rights organizations like our have aided them to get individual testimonies syndicated because we know that even a large number of individual testimonies cannot be heard in a time where Search Machine Optimizing matters.

Now Diamond Ranch Academy is targeting both former students and the humanitarians who have aided to the syndication process.

We fear that the voices of the former students can be silenced. We fear that the losses of lives which today at Diamond Ranch Academy has been numbered to 2 will rise in the future.

We know that unjust in this area only can be fought with information and knowledge. In Denmark the trial against the group home Solhaven was the result of a 10 years effort of former students to get their side of the story heard. They had to fight both local political interests like creating jobs because Solhaven was by far the largest employer in area. They have to blow the cover co-workers of social workers had put in place to prevent outing of social workers who had neglected their duties when they heard of manual restraints of residents which were not reported in the way the law dictated. They had to find police officers who were not of the gift present list.

It took some years to achieve that. Now there is a trial ongoing.

For them to get heard websites in the United States aided the Danish blogs to be found first when someone searched on the Internet in exchange for Danish site to aid the US sites doing the same.

And that is what we will do right now. We will aid former students from Diamond Ranch Academy to get their statement out. Free speech must never be silenced. In Denmark we fought and won the Cartoon war. We are veterans in taking down people on the Internet. So Diamond Ranch Academy! Please watch out. We will be here, there and everywere battling for the right to free speech among your former students.

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