Sunday, December 17, 2017

Who was responsible at Midwest Academy?

It is Ben Trane who is on trial. He was the director. But he is also the fall-guy. The money is gone to the people who designed the entire setup. All the time there has been a plan what to do if the authorities ever intervened. Why? Because the designers and owners of the school system had tried to have their schools locked down so many times in several countries and states that they from day one had an emergency plan what to do when the authorities intervened, not if the authorities intervened. Google WWASP and you will learn that the real owners had schools closed down in Nevada, Costa Rica, Mexico, Samoa and the Czech republic.

We have to remember that Midwest Academy was founded shortly before the authoritis raided Casa by the Sea, which is mentioned on several blogs:

You learn that the sructure used at Casa by the Sea was basically the same as used at Midwest Academy. Still more than 10 years went by from the date where the authorities in Mexico called it a stop to the time when the authorities in Iowa raided Midwest Academy. It left the owners plenty of time to construct a financial setup where there would be no money for victims when the school closed down.

So the money are now being controlled by two firms named Midwest Twister and Prestige Funding. Maybe. Because for more than 3 decades the money men had been hiding in Utah. One of the people behind the system even worked for Mitch Romney when he unsuccessful ran for presidency in 2012. We are talking of people high in the system, who have milked families for 3 decades into believing that they had a solution for so-called at-risk teenagers, if the families had the money to pay for treatment.

It was a well-planned close down operation. Given that these men does not waste resources, every chair, every table, every computer and even left-over uniforms will be used again in another so-called school. Nothing is too small for them to be used again.

When Valerie Ann-Heron died after falling to her death from the second floor at Tranquility Bay in Jamaica, her belongings were given to new students. Uniforms, pencils and unused notebooks. Some of it still with blood on.

About a month after the incident, I was working in transitions with Karen and Sherry, cleaning out the supply closet (this closet held hygiene supplies for students as well as uniforms for new students) and I found 4 of Valerie’s uniforms, folded neatly, ready for a new girl to adopt. Only 1 was missing, the one she died in. It shocked me and reminded me of books I have read about concentration camps, where the dead peoples uniforms are reused and passed on. We talked to the staff in charge of supplies, and he said there was nothing wrong with the uniforms, they had only been used once, and that we needed to “chill now man”.

It has and will always be about the money.

Ben Trane, former Midwest Academy director, testifies (The Hawkeye)

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