Saturday, February 23, 2013

A rather odd court ruling

A court in India acquitted La Martiniere for Boys principal Sunirmal Chakravarthi and three teachers for their role in the suicide of 13 year old Rouvanjit Rawla.

The poor boy took his life in fear on the strict conduct code at the boarding school.

The school used corporal punishment despite the fact that the Supreme Court in India had banned the use of it. Denmark and India are in dispute over the extradition case of the humanitarian and author Niels Holck. I will not decide what is wrong and right in the extradition case, but it seems that the society in India has very little respect of the court system in general. So why extradite a person to stand trial in a country where the court system is disrespected?

Anyhow during the trial against the teachers one of the teachers told the court that he had used corporal punishment on the poor boy. He had used a cane. Still the court concluded that there was no evidence of torture.

According to the teacher there is no pain involved using a cane. It would be the first according to the people who are so old that they can remember corporal punishment in schools. The entire concept of using a cane on another person is to cause pain. It is torture. It is why corporal punishment has been outlawed in most countries. Even in India.

So why reach such a conclusion?

We cannot answer this. We feel that his family was robbed of a fair ending to their suffering. They lost a child because the boarding school didn't accept the previous ruling of the Supreme Court.

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