Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The fifth death in 2011

Unfortunately we learned that 16 year old Dyskeha Streeter died at the Divine Guidance group home in North Carolina.

She had complained of chest pains for some days and died as result of blood clots in her lungs. Her condition could properly have been cured if she had been allowed to see a hospital in time, but as it often is teenagers in residential programs are seen as manipulators and very often they are not allowed to receive medical attention.

The authorities decided to shut the group home down - Unfortunately only after the conditions had claimed a life.

In order to prevent such incidents, tougher regulations must be put in place. The employees should be order to call rescue workers or send the child to a hospital when they complain. In some cases the effort or the trip could be proved wasted but once a child dies responsible authorities would shut the entire workplace down and people would be without a job. So what is there to lose with a single visit to the hospital from time to time?

Dyskeha Streeter was robbed of her life. May she rest in peace.

Victims list (Fornits Wiki)
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