Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Children hostages in custody fights (BlueFire Wilderness Therapy)

A number of parents do every year see their child exposed to danger when the custodial parent chooses to decide on a dangerous path with the child in the hope of alienate the child against the non-costodial parent.

In a recent tread on Reddit a parent write:

I tried to get custody back , but the Judge won't listen to me and left the custody with Mother, who convinced her ( judge ) she will do anything for the daughter and that the daughter wants to stay with her. The mother also got a psychologist and a psychiatrist to evaluate my daughter without my knowledge and they recommended for "Change of placement" , By the time I learned that this means to place her outside of home and within days, the educational consultants the Mother hired at the advice of the psychologist, placed my daughter into this camp for 8-12 weeks.

What parents need to realize is that both the medical industry as well as so-called educational consultants are not working independent. The medical industry needs to put diagnose on anyone so they can sell their products. Educational consultants received referral fees from wilderness programs and boarding schools in return for a recommendation towards the product of detention and so-called treatment, they deliver.

Wilderness programs are not a recognized treatment method in a lot of countries. Of course the wilderness programs have hired researchers to white-label the treatment approach but in reality the children could be placed in a enclosed box until they became adults and the same result would be achieved.

Second a number of children have died in wilderness programs. The program known from ABC's "Brat Camp" closed after a death and the local sheriff described the operation as a danger to the children and closed it down.

Sending a child into the wilderness means a risk which is far greater than letting them stay in the troubled home, they came from. Out of 4,000 children treated at the Catherine Freer Wilderness program, 3 died before they closed. Calculate on the percentage!

What is the best option? Based on a research paper in Denmark comparing children in need who was not removed from the home to children sent to residential treatment, there is no difference of the outcome for the children. Even when the parents were alcoholic or drug-users! Fact remains that residential treatment is warehousing. Once the regulated and secure environment is no longer there and the now-adult child has to go on without an important social heritage in the luggage, everything seems to be lost.

Denmark have increased the number of children who are placed outside their home. Many of them end up with Post-traumatic stress disorder and an inability to function on the labor market or in the educational system.

It is not good news for parents who are struggling to raise their children. Because the root of the problem is properly not the child. It is the parent or the school-environment the society offers the child.

All that seems to be the outcome of residential treatment seems to be that the owners of the residential solutions - wilderness program or boarding school - will earn a lot of money while the children and their families will suffer both economic and emotional.

Daughter , 13yo sent to Wilderness Camp BlueFire in Idaho without my consent , What to Do? (Reddit)

Sunday, April 26, 2020

Back in the days where people fell for scams

Ok. You are a bit too heavy.

Then you look at your child and you feel sorry. Your child has turned out to be the spitting image of you and is overweight too. Your child will properly not get many friends in school or a good-looking partner due to the overweight you think.

Then you look in the newspaper and find a boarding school that promises weight loss.

It is a good idea and you send your child to the school.

The school is efficient and soon your child loses a lot of pounds. In fact they are so good that your child need some pills to deal with side effects of the sudden weight loss but that is a minor thing and when the school year is over, your child return slim.

Are you then happy?

Yes for 14 days because once you start serving the very same food you as family always have eaten, weight is gained and you start talking about taking another year at the boarding school despite the cost. The child runs off and you cannot catch your child because you are overweight. Now we are talking social services.

10 years ago such boarding schools promising weight loss were widespread. Today we as parents are smarter. We know that the problem is right next to us. It is in the kitchen. The output from the kitchen produces the results shown in both your child's body and your body.

Today we also know that your children do not listen to you. They just observe what you do and do the same. That is the reason that addiction often passes down through generations. It does not matter if we are talking alcohol addiction, medical addiction or food addiction. What we show children that are OK, is what they make a standard of living.

We can blame TV. We can blame the society.

But we are in control of what we put into our shopping bags. We can make the change ourselves. We know what is right. We know that candy, alcohol and sodas destroy our bodies. We know that exercise make a change.

So just go for an hour of walking. Change your diet. Then you save tons of money for boarding schools.

A lot of parents realized that and as result many of the weight loss schools closed. Maybe some remain but why use money on them when you can change the outcome for your child for free?

Sunday, April 19, 2020

If you abduct your child and dump it in a foreign country, it is a crime. If you hire a firm to do it, it is legal! Why!!

Recently the police in California stopped a van where a father and his daughter had abducted another daughter with the goal of dumping her at one of the low-budget holding camps marketed as rehab which are located in Mexico due to the low salary levels there and the local authorities lack of interest into what kind of businesses that operate in the northern part of Mexico.

The police took the poor victim into protective custody. Hopefully the girl will receive professional treatment for the illness, she suffer from (addiction from a kind of drug, which is recognized as an illness to be treated by doctors, not some random hired muzzle in Mexico).

But while the police now conduct an investigation into the matter, tons of youth are sent across the borders in the very same way. Restrained with handcuffs and shackles, in some cases gagged just as the victim in the case above.

The only difference is that the transport is handled by so-called approved transport firms. In some cases no background checks are conducted on the employees. In some cases they have been kicked off the police force or military for disciplinary reasons.

So why is an act which is illegal when it is done by parents or relatives suddenly legal just because there is a payment to a firm to do it. Should it not be the act itself, that should be illegal?

It remains a mystery why transport across state lines often in violation with the recommendation from the local school authorities continues to be legal.

Bound 17-year-old was being taken to rehab in Mexico by father, police say (ABC 7)
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